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Project Join Us Gear

Honoring Service Members, Veterans, POW / MIAs  
Fun, new style of accessories, introducing the Dog Tag Ribbon symbol, designed to be a tangible reminder for ourselves and others to be grateful for the gift of freedom.  
Join Us and Wear Your Gratitude for Freedom with style!

That's the question we're asking.

Everyday, we should be mindful, to be grateful for the freedom we enjoy here in the USA, and to express our gratitude to the men and women, whose service to our country affords us that freedom.  

What better way, to give yourself (and others!) that tangible, daily reminder, than by WEARing, carrying, or using a super cool, fun, edgy PJUS accessory.  Our products are versatile and easy to incorporate into any look or style.  Each one has countless uses.  We have thought of just a few for our Adjust-A-Bandz and Grati-Tokenz, but we know all of U will come up with your own unique and fun uses for them, and ways to persoanlize them, to express your own unique brand of gratitude expression. 

Insipre others!  Show them that you are are grateful for freedom.  And even more, tell them you are grateful, and why.  Share a story with them, of what your freedom means ot you.

PJUS would love to hear your stories, too!  Share with us how you use your PJUS accessories, and answer the question, "WEAR'S YOUR GRATITUDE?"  Join us. Work with us. Let's rock this, and inspire US/All!

Do you have at least one item someWEAR that is 100% Made in the USA?

Get one today!

All PJUS products are available, through the PJUS webstore.  Please click the shop now button, to get your very own $6 PJUS gear and join our "Wear's Your Gratitude?" Campaign!

American Made

Every product PJUS designs and produces is done so with special attention to Green Awareness.  Our USA made products affect the lives of many people, from sea to shining sea.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Our products incorporate hand-crafted, lead-free Pewter – Comprised of earth‛s elements…soft enough to be artfully sculpted and formed; strong enough to hold its shape; yet will transform with touch and time.

Pewter contains the material tin, which created the famous seeker of hearts – "Tin Man".