Meet the People

A Heartfelt Company Journey

From 2003 to present, and all the amazing people who have joined us along the way

Once upon the sands of time, "Trails of Tales" intertwined... 

One simple concept of “Gratitude for Freedom”, has evolved into Project Join Us, with it's motto, Every one of U is a part of US. With heartfelt gratitude for those who believed, contributed and kept us inspired, with practical and impractical, visible and invisible, and measureable and immeasurable means, during these extraordinary times of our nation and world, we are grateful beyond words.  With every ending there was a new beginning, and now we begin anew.

JOIN US on our journey on a TRAIL of TALES

"Perhaps the process of designing PRODUCTS with PURPOSE helps us all discover that PEOPLE are in products we create."

Project Join Us, Inc. had its grassroots beginnings during 2003, with inter-faith prayers, blessings, and ceremonies, for 7 POWs in Iraq. Diana Anastazia continued to carry 7 Peace Imagems, which were used in ceremonies throughout the years.  In 2005, Diana was inspired to design a new symbol, to honor our Service Members and Veterans. As a daughter of a Polish, Catholic Holocaust survivor, liberated by America and her Allies, Diana's passion and journey to honor freedom, by designing American Made expressions of gratitude, began to evolve and take form. In 2008, the new Dog Tag Ribbon symbol, a prototype of Grati-Tokenz, and the words to the song "Everyone" (co-written by Diana) were carried to Washington D.C., by one of our project's amazing supporters, to have with them during the Pentagon 9-11 Dedication Ceremonies. It was a blessing to have our items be present at such an honorable and momentous occasion. Later that year, an anonymous donor gifted Diana the finances to produce the first production run of Grati-Tokenz, which were given out at the USO of Illinois 2008 Gala. In 2009, Project Join Us became an official company, and the journey continued, during the economic uncertainties of our nation and world. Creating a company that has the heart of a charity, with the purpose to "Inspire Heartfelt Gratitude", had its challenges along the way. With the constant support from Betina Sievers, and the belief of so many people, who contributed their time, talents, creativity, resources, finances, prayers, and blessings, in May 2012, Project Join Us launched ADJUST-A-BANDZ, in collaboration with Whitney Howard Designs. With our humble beginnings, we were able to donate over $3,000 through our philanthropy program. As the marketplace continued to evolve, we built upon our business model and incorporated that, which we had dreamed of from the beginning...having a Veteran owned company be part of the production. On February 2, 2014 we celebrate as we begin our new venture with Oscar Mike, based in Marengo, Illinois.  Project Join US is OM..."On the Move"... to inspire our nation, through our "Wear's Your Gratitude?" campaign, highlighting "Made in America", "Gratitude for Freedom", and "Connecting Commerce and Philanthropy" . People are the heart of our project and products.  ​With Heartfelt Gratitude look for, and find, an open heart for U, on every Project Join Us product.  Everyone of U is a part of US!