Though we did not meet until 2013, our journey began in 2003, when the president of OM was on a military mission in the Middle East, leading to the rescue of several POWs.  At the same time, back home in America, the president of PJUS was saying prayers for those same POWs.

Oscar Mike Joins Us

Our new collaboration with Oscar Mike (OM) greatly expands our project to inspire the nation.  Bringing together fashion, apparel and accessories, created a perfect blend for our companies, having similar visions of promoting US manufacturing, being grateful for freedom, and connecting commerce and philanthropy.

Together, our creativity sparks the imagination of those we meet along the way. 

Three ways U can Join US

Come witness the endless possibilities, as our QUALITY, American made, $6 products touch the lives of people everywhere.

Purchase Online

Visit our shop, to get Ur very own PJUS gear!  Express your gratitude and spread the inspiration to US:ALL!

Reseller Purchases

Qualified organizations and retailers are able to purchase large quantities of our products at a wholesale price.



Coming Soon!

Project Join Us Fundraising is a collaborative effort between PJUS, OM and organizations across the nation, that helps organizations spread their message while raising funds.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Thank you, every one of U, who has already collaborated with, and become a part, of Us.

In this small space, it is impossible to name each and every person and organization, that has helped us along the way.  With that said, we extend to all of U, our heartfelt gratitude and our utmost appreciation.  We look forward to sharing the countless stories of Ur acts of kindness and inspired collaboration with Us.


If you have an exciting idea for a collaboration that will inspire US:All, Contact Us!