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We invite everyone of U, who is bold enough to believe that we can work together to inspire US/America, to JOIN US!

During this unprecedented time, we are caring for ourselves and others, rejuvinating our product line, and preparing to introduce a reimagined website for US/All! Please stay tuned for future updates.  We appreciate each and every one of U!

Our Mission

Project Join Us is dedicated, to creatively designing ways to:


Connect civilians and U.S. Military Service Members and Veterans.


Connect commerce and philanthropy, while raising funds for various U.S. military and charity organizations.


Connect U.S. manufacturing and Green Awareness.

People, Product and Purpose

Project Join Us has become Everyone's project along the way.

People and Product

The most important elements in any project are the people.  As our products are shaped and molded, along the way, so are people's lives.

People and Purpose

As people join us in expressing gratitude for freedom, we raise, not only awareness that inspires the nation, but also funds to heal visible and invisible wounds. 

Every one of U is a part of US!

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